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'Zoom' is a multi-featured web conferencing service offering a free account suitable for many purposes.  A 'Pro' account may also be available by request through JCPH.

Confirm your account status (free or Pro) from your Account Profile page in Zoom. (Example of 'Pro' account profile: Zoom Pro Account Profile)

Reponse to COVID-19 emergency: Download special how-to guidance and information about training/practice with web conferencing tools: 03-17-20_ Trainings Available Starting Today for Collaborate and Zoom.pdf

Quick Start for Zoom account holders (free or Pro accounts):

Host Meeting (no need to schedule meeting in advance):

  1. Log in at the Zoom homepage, here: Zoom Homepage []
  2. Access your 'Personal Meeting Room' via the 'Meetings' area of your Zoom homepage.
  3. Create an invitation to your meeting (use 'copy the invitation' link).
    1. email and/or post invitation for participants.
      1. note: The URL to your Personal Meeting Room, and the room's meeting ID, never change.  Nor do the dial-in numbers.
  4. Start your meeting: From your 'Personal Meeting Room' page on the Zooom website, click 'Start Meeting'; no need to schedule your Personal Meeting in advance.
  5. Share a screen: View how-to video: Sharing a Screen
    1. note: Meeting participants have screen sharing rights turned on by default. See more information about managing participants here: Managing Participants

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Essential Actions:

  1. View video on using Zoom meeting controls:Meeting Controls
  2. Read about how to join a Zoom meeting by phone:Joining a Meeting by Phone
  3. View video on recording a Zoom meeting:Recording a Zoom Meeting

Additional Support for Zoom (free and Pro accounts):

  1. Learn more about Zoom here: Zoom

  2. Register for a free Zoom account here: Zoom Plans/Pricing

  3. Find Quick Start guides here: Getting Started

  4. Access more support for Zoom here: Zoom Support Page
  5. Adminstrators can book JCPH Zoom meetings rooms following these instructions: Zoom JCPH Guide

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Telephone: 215-503-6085

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