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Fully Online Courses (e.g. all courses in the online programs; 100% online versions of courses such as PBH 500, PBH 506, PBH 508, PBH 511, PBH 518): Recommended course configuration is reflected in the template by default.
To complete course configuration, instructors should:

  1. Post a Day 1 Announcement.
  2. Personalize the course homepage.
  3. Configure Assignments.
  4. Add tests/quizzes.
  5. Confirm that course modules and their items are published/unpublished as needed.
  • Optionally, customize display names of course components such as modules and their items, set due dates for assignments, and build grading rubrics in Canvas.

Classroom-based Courses [running 'virtually', with live webcasts of weekly lectures/presentations]:

  1. Day 1 Announcement.
  2. Homepage with photo, course description, and contact information (course description imported from GRAVITAS).
  3. Syllabus: Attached Word document (or import from GRAVITAS)
  4. Modules:
    1. 'Getting Started' Module
      1. Course Overview: [Explaining how the Canvas site will be used to support learning this term.]
      2. Course Resources: Attach course schedule, syllabus, reading list, supporting files.
        • Optionally: Links to files in cloud storage location: TBD.
    2. Course Lesson modules, 1 - 12:
      1. Assignments (with dropboxes).
      • Optionally: Links to recorded lectures/presentations.
      • Optionally: Discussion forum(s).
      • Optionally: Assessments/evaluations: [especially weekly 5-min. feedback survey (anonymous)].
  5. Discussion Forums:
    1. 'General Q&A' in 'Getting Started' Module.
    • Optionally, 'Personal Introductions/Updates' in the 'Getting Started' Module.
    • Optionally: one discussion forum per Course Lesson module.
  6. Inbox/'Conversations': Use Canvas messaging system via the 'Inbox' link to email individual students or an entire class.
    • Optionally, enhance your Canvas messages by embedding audio or video.
  7. People: Holds class roster by default. Configure to create small groups.
  8. Blackboard Collaborate: Available by default for live web conferencing with your class.
  9. Grades: The course site's Gradebook is automatcally populated as gradable assignments and other gradable activites are configured and published in the Canvas modules.
  10. Course Evaluations: This link gives students/instructors access to questionnaires managed at end of term through our course evaluation administration tool, 'SmartEvals'.

Flipped/Hybrid/Blended Classrooms: does not apply for the time being, because courses will not be including a classroom component.

  1. Add Weekly Introduction page to each Course Lesson Module.
  • Optionally, add prerecord lectures/presentations to provide asynchronous learning opportunities.

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