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Q1: How can I confirm whether my course is published (visible to students) or unpublished?
Answer: Visit your course homepage in Canvas. The 'Unpublished' button will be red while your course is unpublished. Otherwise, it will appear greyed out, and the Published button will be green. (Canvas-Crs-Publication-Status.PNG)

Q2: Does Canvas save prior versions of my course site's pages so that I can rever to an earlier version if I change my mind (or make a mistake) during an edit?
Answer: Fortunately, yes. With a page in Edit mode, open the menu at upper-right to display a list of previous versions of your page. (Canvas-PageHistory.PNG)

  • To be extra secure, when editing pages about which you have any doubt of the results you can make a copy of the page first. That way you can go back to that copy if need be. Most Canvas page or item types support this.
    • If you can't make a copy of an entire page or item, display its content through the Rich Content Editor in HMTL mode, and save that content as a plain text file. If necessary, you can revert a page or item to a prior state by pasting back into it the saved text file through that HTML view in the Rich Content Editor. (HTML-view-RCE.PNG)

Q3: How can I confirm whether/when my Canvas course site has received an update of content from GRAVITAS?
Answer: Content refreshes from GRAVITAS happen in the background as file uploads, so check the File Import log on the 'Import Course Content' page accessible through your Canvas course 'Settings' navigation link. (Canvas-File-Update-Log.PNG)

Q4: How can I provide a 'wiki' in my Canvas site--a page that can be collaboratively edited on the site by students?
Answer: Fist, add an ordinary page to a module on your Canvas site. Then, edit that page, setting the rights to the page so students can edit it as well as teachers. (Set-Page-As-Wiki.PNG) If the page does not give you that option, change your course's default settings for page editing rights via 'more options' on the course 'Settings' page.

Q4: Can I mute notifications from a certain course?
Answer: Yes! Enter the course, go to 'view course notifications' on the right sidebar, and mute notifications for that individual course. Additional course-level notifications controls will be added over time. (Canvas_Course-level_Notifications.PNG)

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